*Door surface is 6 mm thick MDF with CNC designed. * Door surfaces are adhered with Henkel brand glue. * Door lock, hinge and seal are included in our prices. *Our frames are cut at a 45 ° angle and connected with 8 chrome-plated metric steel bolts. * Door frame; It is 12 cm wide and 36 (18 + 18) mm thick and consists of MDF. * Door sill ; The headers are 8 cm wide and 8 mm thick and the side moldings are 8 cm wide and 10 mm thick. * There is a double wooden boom in the door frame with a width of 9 cm. * There are paper made honeycombs between wooden booms. * The hinges are made of brass with a length of 12 cm and a thickness of 3 mm.
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